INTRODUCTION Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba

The Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba (called "Chiba ken-ritsu chuo hakubutsukan" in Japanese) is a facility of Chiba Prefecture, opened to the public in February, 1989. The museum mission is to provide the highest quality for the public education and to conduct the original research on natural and human history of the Prefecture.
 Research activities:
Museum staff conducts original research in diverse fields including geological settings, fauna, flora (including myco-flora), ecology of animals and plants and human history. We intend to uncover the origin and the nature of the environment of the Boso Peninsula (Chiba Prefecture), and to contribute its conservation.
The museum houses extensive collections of geological and biological specimens, as well as historical artifacts, photographs, prints, and recordings.
Visitors of all ages can enjoy our permanent exhibition halls, which illuminate the natural history of the Boso Peninsula. The exhibitions are designed to be both for educational and entertaining purpose. In addition, we have periodic temporary special exhibitions based on our new collections or original research projects.
 Ecology Park:
A unique feature of the museum is our Ecology Park, an outdoor living exhibit which recreates the various natural habitats found in the Boso Peninsula.
 Education Programs and Facilities:
The museum offers a comprehensive program of lectures and field trips throughout the year. The reading room in the basement contains a variety of books on natural history. In addition, our extensive library and expert staff are always open to visitors with having their questions, interests or their own research projects.
 Coastal Branch of Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba
Coastal Branch of the museum opened to the public in March 1999 in Katsuura city, Chiba Prefecture.

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