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Surrounding Information

Surrounding Information


Japanese Garden

Japanese garden with the dry garden style, Karesansui, which is adjacent to the castle tower of Sekiyado-jo Museum, where you can enjoy seasonal flowers and relax yourself.



Sekiyado-jo Museum Resting Place (Shop)

There are 12 tables for 4 people in the resting place, provide a resting place when you get tired. There is a gift shop at resting place, where you can buy souvenirs from Sekiyado-jo museum, and fresh vegetables from local farmers.



Free 100 cars parking spaces for museum visitors. Large bus can also park here. 2 parking spaces for disabled persons are available in front of the museum. (Please contact museum staff before you use the large bus parking space)



Nikonikomizube Park

The park is near the Sekiyado-jo Museum, playground and open space are prepared for small Children, many families enjoy the park on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.



Nakanoshima Park

Nakanojima ParkThe park was built on the side of Sekiyado suikomon gate, at the late 1920s’ (Showa era) Edogawa river renovation, and managed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. In the park, you can visit many historical heritage related to the Edogawa flood renovation work (Seikiyado bar stone, large buckets, trolley rails, iron bridges etc.) and the famous Kanto ancient tree.

Address Sanno, Goka-Machi, Sashima-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture
contact Tel: 0471-25-7311(the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Edogawa construction office)


Michi-no-eki Sakai

道の駅さかいAt the foot of Sakai Oohashi Bridge, road service area provide resting place for drivers.
The building was designed as storehouse-style with the image of riverside town. 
In addition to the free resting place, toilets and snack café corner, you can find exhibition and sale of well-known specialty around the Sakai Machi area.
In addition, multi-vision system will provide information on nearby tourism.

Address Sakai-Machi 1341-1, Sashima-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture 
Parking 13 large cars, 114 small cars (2 for disabled people) 
Contact Tel 0280-87-5011 


Sakai river side

境河岸Takase ship “Sakai Maru” is operating.
You can think back the history of water transportation while enjoying the Tonegawa river sightseeing.
Please inquire Michi-no-eki Sakai for details.
Contact: Tel 0280-87-5011


Underground exploration museum: RyuQkan museum


The museum provide guidance to learn about the metropolitan area outer discharge channel, rivers and floods.
Please check the webpage for details.

Address Kamikanasaki 720, Kasukabe city, Saitama Prefecture
Contact Tel 048-746-0748 

Opening hours: 9:30 – 16:30
Closing day: Monday, New Year holidays
Admission fee: free
Reservation is required for underground tours. (048-747-0281)


Kikkoman soy sauce museum


In museum you can learn details about Japanese soy sauce.
Opening hours: 9:00 – 16:00, reservation is required before visit.

Address Kikkoman food Noda factory, Noda 110, Noda City, Chiba Prefecture
Contact Tel 04-7123-5136

Admission fee: free
Closing day: Fourth Monday of each month (the next day, if Monday is a national holiday), 4/22-23 (Monday, Tuesday), Golden week(5/3 – 6), Obon (8/13 – 16), New Year holidays