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Coastal Branch of Natural History Museum and Institute

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The museum was opened in March of 1999.It was created to be a facility where visitors can experience the natural world.
Natural features surrounding the museum are also incorporated as part of the museum. A variety of outdoor events are also available. In the museum, there is an exhibition room, a lecture room, a lobby for visitors and also a specimen room, a breeding room and a laboratory. The specimen room and laboratory are for collecting materials and conducting research on marine life and the marine environment.
All of the exhibitions and events are based on these materials and on information gained through this research.
Museum activities and current conditions of the surrounding environment are posted in the Events Guide, the Newsletter, and the website.


Coastal Branch of Natural History Museum and Institute, Chiba

Adress:123 Yoshio Katsuura city, Chiba 299-5242
Closed:Mondays(Year-end and New Year holidays)